The Hall is maintained through the generous time and efforts of the Community Hall Association of Okanagan Centre Board members. This is a volunteer group and comprises of twelve residents of Okanagan Centre.

We are always seeking others to assist in keeping the Hall in good repair. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Jenny or Elaine.

If you are new to our Ward of Okanagan Centre and not familiar with the Okanagan Centre Hall, please…contact us at info@okanagancentre.net.  We’d love to show you around!

Kitchen Upgrade

With added funds from a District of Lake Country Community grant, we will be undertaking a renovation of our kitchen in the near future.  If you’d be prepared to lend a hand in carpentry/plumbing/electrical skills, we can always use some volunteer assistance.

Thank you

A big thanks to volunteer Mike King for his technical expertise in setting up the Pickleball schedule online. It is making life a lot easier for everyone involved with Pickleball at the Hall.

Thank You to our hardworking Board members who keep our Hall maintained and vital to our Community:

Albert Van Ee, Jenny Wilkinson, June Ireland, David Steeper, Brielle Steeper, Mick Wentworth, Brent Tremblay, Elaine Gibbons, Val Regier, Anne Ing, Steve Rees and Kelly McRae